We want to be sure that your contact information and communication preferences are correct. Please notify us of any changes to an email address, phone numbers, etc.

Please send an email stating a “request for scholarship renewal”. In addition, an essay will be required, of no more than 750 words, which describes your experience at school and how you feel about your life going forward.

Application dates are May 15- June 15 preceding the September start for the request. We will let students know if they are awarded an additional scholarship by June 30.

We have allocated a finite amount of resources to these renewals, so the amounts awarded may vary according to the number of applicants that apply. It is possible that if we have too many applicants we may have to refuse a candidate, but would encourage them to apply again the following year.

We encourage all scholarship recipients to stay in touch during the year, attend the annual barbeque in August at our home, and if in town support the events the Foundation holds in town. We are branching out into the social media world (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), but we have just started trying to implement these additional ways to interact.

Our goal is to become a resource for our students in many ways and stay connected through college and long afterwards as well.