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Please leave your comment here As my daughter Alexandra awaits hearing from colleges, my mind as it often does, conjures up visions of my nephew. So much of what Alexandra has shared with the admission dept of her choices revolved around Dillon and her relationship with him: both what it was and what it might have been. As both were gifted with the ability to convey thoughts to paper, i am not surprised that they are kindered spirits. Even more amazing is her unbelievable connection with Taylor while being somewaht opposites in demeanor. This dicotomy to be close to both is amazing to me. Alexandra has found a way to actually enhance her relationship with Dillon through her writing and to be able to draw upon what she believes he would have advised her as “the older cousin” in her quest to find the right school for her. We miss him constantly and yet he is always with us-watching and advising from afar. He is never far from my thoughts every day.

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