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Once again Thanksgiving day is approaching us. Tomorrow Nov.27,2008 I will be thinking about the things I am grateful for this year. One of the most important things I am grateful for is having had Dillon,my nephew, in my life.I will take the liberty to say that all the Zaretskys and Henrys feel fortunate to have had Dillon in their lives. Not to mention all the friends that loved and cared for Dillon and vice versa. At the same time I still feel angry that Dillon was taken away from all of us way to soon. It is always difficult to celebrate any holiday without Dillons physical presence at the table. We can always hope that Dillons positive attitude about life and all the ideals he stood for, will be passed on to all who knew him. Let me wish all of Dillons friends and family a good, safe and healthy holiday season. With Love, Aunt Linda

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