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I have been very apprehensive to post to this and I have been wanting to since i discovered this site almost a year ago. I felt almost as if I shouldn’t because I did not know Dillon very closely, but, his death has made an impact in my life. I met dillon, and his cousin, Dylan, at a Costa Rican airport. After a long trip, many of us were waiting on our flight that had been delayed over and over. I remember seeing Dillon sleeping on a bag that took the shape of a surf board. For some odd reason I took special notice of him. I wondered who he was and what he was about but the thought was gone in a flash when I focused back onto my reality. Just a stranger. I saw Dillon every once and a while as I, and many other passengers, waited for hours. I took notice of him again for a brief moment and then returned to whatever it was that i was doing to make the time pass. When the plane was finally boarded and in flight I heard the whispers of excitement from Dillon and Dylan, behind me, “Dude, shes playing a gameboy!”. About a half hour before landing, a note was passed my way “will you go out with me? check []yes []no [] maybe, love dillon.” I laughed and looked back to see that warming smile that everyone loves. I checked “maybe” and sent it back. As Dillon

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