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On Sunday, July 6th, 2008, one year from Dillon’s accident, for some mysterious reason the web site went down. Since then postings on Connections have been impossible, but we think we have the problem solved. So start posting again, and if you continue to have problems, please let us know. As the one year date came up, all I could think about was that I missed Dillon more than ever. The summer without him is at times unbearable, but I try very hard to remember him next to me, loving me, his life, and all those people in it, and his enormous heart and unique sensitivity. Thanks to those who visited, sent flowers, baked cakes, wrote notes and made donations as a reminder to us that we are in your thoughts and that Dillon remains close to your hearts. I will post photos soon but want to acknowledge a few events that have taken place and carried forward Dillon’s dreams. 1. Jodie Cohen, with the support of her family, Kathy, David and Kayley, were inspiring with the successful DANCE FOR LIFE on 6/13. Their dedication and energy raised $12,000, while skillfully hosting a dance where everyone had fun. Thanks to all the friends who helped sell tickets, attended, danced and donated. 2. The Dillon Henry Foundation presented 11 scholarships to deserving students at Pali High for all four years of college. These stsudents were chosen for their hard work, determination, and their promises to make the world a better place

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