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Hi Unc Feve, Aunt Harriett & Taylor Girl, I just wanted to write a comment to say how much I love you all and to say how much I miss Dillon. I have been thinking about him more and more and it will never feel like he is really gone. It was really great to have been his roommate on our family trip out to Kauai. He and I spent a ton of time talking about his school and college dreams and it was really great to learn all about his thoughts and plans and to give him my “two cents” on advice, etc. He is and was such an a great, mellow guy with such a great heart. He brought a lot to the world and was special to everyone. I feel more lucky to have had him in our family’s lives than the flip side (of never having him at all). It will always be hard and sometimes I still feel like he’s just gone on a long vacation somewhere surfing. Love, Matt

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