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It was this week last year that Brian and I spent an amazing week in Cabo with Dillon, Taylor, Steve and Harriet, as well as friends Davis and Frankie…and had the best time! We spent the week in the most beautiful house, and Bri and I took Dillon and Davis out surfing every day, in the middle of nowhere on the coast of San Jose Del Cabo. Along with trashing a minivan and getting an SUV stuck in the sand, we had Dillon-described “perfect” sandwiches made by Harriet each day while we hung on the beach under our sole umbrella, and talked about everything under the sun. Every time I hear certain songs, like Young Folks and Lynguistics, I think of driving up and down the crazy dirt roads and dancing in our seats, with Dillon manning his ipod in the front seat. I picture Dillon grinning in the front seat, and laughing hysterically as we cruised the coast looking for their perfect surf spot for the day. Anyway, I just wanted to share my memories, since I was thinking of that great week, now a year later , and wishing we could go back. Dillon, you are dearly missed, now, as always. Love Dre

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