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Yesterday afternoon we were treated to a gift of love by Dillon’s friend, Sarah McMahon….. Before the show started, I took a deep breath watching the crew in their Dillon tee shirts, and gazing at the amazing program with a photo of Sarah and Dillon beaming in happier days. I knew my pride and emotions would be pouring out over the next few hours. Sarah created an event called Harvard Westlake Idol and put on a fantastic show, all dedicated to Dillon and donating all proceeds to Surfrider. Some in the audience knew Dillon and many did not, but by the end Sarah was successful in honoring her cherished friendship, furthering Surfrider’s goal to save our oceans, and put on a wonderfully entertaining afternoon of bright emerging talent. Sarah, thank you for treasuring your friendship with Dillon and for creating such a positive memory for us all. with gratitude and admiration, Harriet, Steve & Taylor

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