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I have to say that i was extrememly hesitant to write on this site because honestly i just do not know what words I could use or what story I could share that demonstrates what an outrageous human being Dillon was. I had known dillon since we were in pre-school. We both grew up in rustic canyon. His house at 801 Latimer, mine at 801 Brooktree. We then went to elementary school together, and then high school. All through my life dillon has always been there, even if we weren’t hanging out everyday i could always trust to see his face waiting in the quad, watching tons of kids gravitate towards him at lunch. He was a magnet. I know that my life would have been different if i didnt know dillon, he introduced me to half the kids at pali i know today, he MADE me audition for fall festival in 9th grade and now i have done almost every drama activity there is to offer. He was just such an amazing kid, who had the biggest impact on me not only when he passed, but when he was alive. I don’t think he knew this though, and i really wish he did now. There is just so much more I owe to him because he gave me so much. He made me laugh, he made me feel comfortable, he made me want to try in school. I remember hearing him talk about his AP classes, and how hard

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