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i remember one time at the harvard westlake semi-formal (my freshman year), so dillon was a junior. i ran into dylan outside of the restroom. I wasn’t having the best time, because i didnt really know anyone that i came with, and i couldn’t find my date. Dillon’s smile caught my attention and of course, he immidiately waved me down. I remember being so relieved to see some one i knew, but i was a little nervous becuase dillon was a cool older guy. He welcomed me with a friendly dhen hug and introduced me to his date and some of the poeple he was talking with. He just had a way of making everyone feel so safe around him… it was different being around him and his friends, then the people i was with, because although i didnt know either group- dillon made everything so wonderfully comfortable and friendly right before i left to go find the people i came with, i had told him i wasn’t going to the after party. He assured me it was going to be loads of fun and told me to try and convince my “friends” to go. I let him know that they werent planning on it and that i’d probably just see him MOnday at school… As i was walking away, about 15 seconds after i said goodbye, dillon called my name and motioned for me to come back. when i got there, he generously invited me to come with him

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