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I dont know how long it has been since Dillon’s death, but I do know that every morning I think of him, I think of his face and his smile. It is still really shocking.. but as I go on with my life, I realize that things happen for a reason. Death is not fair and makes no sense, but I know that Dillon did not die, he just passed on, his spirit spread throughout the world, his image is always going to be with us and he is still always listening. He passed on so early maybe because he was such an amazing person, he accomplished his mission faster then most people. Dillon, I wish I got to know you better, I wish I had soent more time with you. I want you to know that I miss you and that I know that your flying aroung, you know taking of buissness and still living life to the fullest in Paradise. RIPDH. Always and forever, Mandi

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