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I want to thank everybody for thier support of Harriet, Steve, Taylor and each other. It is so important to be there for each other in good times as well as in the tough times. For us “NYers” it is especially comforting to know you are all there to hug, touch, listen on a daily basis as we cannot just “pop-in”. Yet Dillon’s family and friends are in our thought s and hearts always. By emulating those wonderful qualities of Dillon we keep his spirit with us and honor him. Those characteristics such as being able to listen to others, the drive to make a difference in the world, the unwaivering loyalty to familty and friends, the zest to enjoy life to its fullest, the ability to laugh at ourselves as well as others, all are parts of Dillon we should nurture in ourselves. We each will grieve in our own way and time. Have patience for those who path is different from your own. There is a hole inside each of us; an emtiness that needs to heal. Time will encase that hole and allow us to move on in life at some point, yet it will never heal fully-it will alway be a part of us. As Dillon’s friend sang so beautifully “Be our Angel” and watch over each of us from above as you would by our side. Love always Uncle Alan

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