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today is thanksgiving. thinking about all the things that i am thankful for the main thing that i keep thinking of is you. i am thankful that i knew you, i am thankful that you made my life better, that you impacted me in such a way that i will never forget the times i shared with you. Because of you dil i am a much better person, i was thinking about the times we shared the other day. and of course i burst with laughter thinking about baskin robbins! there is no person i would have rather “accomplished” tryng every flavor with. and like you said to me “they would not have samples or 31 different flavors if they didnt expect us to try each one”. i am thankful that such an amazing soul like yours was and still is in the world. i am thankful that i got to know you, that i got to spend time with you, and that you were and always will be a part of my life. i love you dil, and i know that you are up there watching over on us, i know that you wil always be here for me when i need you and i know that you will continue to change the world for the better, with your amazing smile and your positivity. love you and miss you so much dil. and thank you for entering my life but never leaving.

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