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I am not feeling the spirit this Halloween, rather like many of you ,I am missing Dillon very much. He loved Halloween and whatever his age he wanted to have the most fun with it. He didn’t like chocolate so the candy was a particular boon for me. His first costume was a mouse with whiskers and little ears…and I recall all the others, pirate, dracula, power ranger, spiderman, cowboy, and of course who was a cuter scooby doo? All those early years where we walked in groups around the neighborhood, then as he got older he still liked the neighborhood, but it was more fun to be independent and hang around Jacobi’s house and scare the younger kids.Then came the car era, where he could scout around to find the best spot, looking for all his friends. It seems Halloween was great until around 13 where the trick or treating became less important and a night of hanging with friends was what made thigns fun. For me, almost everything was fun with Dillon. He refused to ‘sweat the small stuff’, always kept his sense of humor, remained kind and loving, and was up to do almost anything for the experiences and challenges.It is lonely without him close by every day….and the past week has been difficult partially due to holidays that seem to begin with Halloween.. I am unsure how to deal with my emotions but recognize I have no choice but to lean on my friends and family

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