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I feel very lucky to have spent a lot of time with Dillon over the past few years. Although they were in concentrated doses, as in a week or two at a time, and then maybe only a couple weekends otherwise throughout the year, I learned a lot about what an amazing person he was, and I had such a great time with him. He made me feel like a part of the family, yet almost better, in that I wasn’t just a relative-like person he had to hang out with, rather someone he genuinely wanted to spend time with. When we were in Cabo this spring, I had some great long talks with him on the beach , in between his surf sessions, and he never ceased to impress me with his hopeful views of the world and his old soul. For someone his age, he understood so much more about life than he should have. My favorite memories of Dillon are from our trip to Costa Rica. We had a phenomenal week there, full of fun, lots of jokes, even more laughter, and all the activities we could jam into seven days. That boy really knew how to live it up and have a good time! But the one thing that Dillon said to me that I can’t forget was at my law school graduation a few months ago. In the middle of my party, with all my friends and relatives around wishing me well, he was the

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