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I remember the first conversation i ever had with Dillon. He told me the world was at a pivital turning point where everything can improve and the world will prosper or it could go completly to hell. He told me that he thought he would be able to save the world, i at first thought his statment ignorent and full hardy but as i got to know Dillon i realized how wrong i was. Dillion was more than just a friend to me he was more like a hero. I saw qualities in him that i wanted so badly for my self, he got along amazingly with his parents, he had goals, ambitions, tallent, everybody that crossed his path seemed to love him. I remeber all the rediculus times like when we flew all the was to seatle just to visit a friend from camp or busted a mission down to newport beach with no plans on where to say (him wakeing me up at 4 in the morning to watch him go surfing ending with me sleeping on the life guard tower). I feel that if i had the choice i would give 10 years of my life to Dillon because i know that he would put those 10 years to such great use and help soo many people.

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