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I was driving home today and i really did try hard to think about every single time ive spent with Dillon but i couldn’t do it… so i’ll name my two favorite which happen to both be at concerts. First was about two years ago during coachella… me and alice basically decided on sunday so we could see gnarls barkley who i was so excited to see. I wanna say an hour before gnarls barkley starts me and alice are eating lunch with Dill and alice gets lost and Dillon takes me into gnarls barkley and we waited until crazy came on and finally it did and i was so happy and if it wasn’t for dill i woulda been looking for alice the whole time and totally missed gnarls barkley. i never got to thank you for that dillon… by the wayy. And then my other favorite memory is at the beggining of july and the day before i left to new york for a whole month… i had gone to a big concert called EDC, which was basically like a carnival/music festival that lasted all day long. We ran into Dill while in line and we were soooo happy to see him. We walked into EDC together and ther was this huge ride that was almost like a ferris wheel but instead of chairs you sit in… there were compartents that u get locked into and get twirled around over and over and ur head bangs in the

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