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The first time I met dillon was when we preformed The Laramie Project. I knew he was someone who would really make an impact on anything he touched. He was so young and self assured. I remember during practice he would crack jokes when we got a break but as soon as we had to start up again, he would whip us back into shape. Everytime he preformed, I got the chills. He spoke so passionately and became his character. We weren’t the closest of friends and after Laramie we were only acquantences but even then it was still an honor just to know him. I had gone on vacation the week he passed away and when I was driving home on Temescal past Pali, I noticed “In Loving Memory of Dillon Henry.” It was so hard to believe I completely disreguarded it thinking there was just no way that he could have died. When I went on line later that night however the tragic reality hit me when I saw things like “RIP Dillon” everywhere. If something like this can happen to him, it made me realize it could happen to anyone. I’ll never meet another person with as much potential and charisma as Dillon Henry. I love you Dillon.

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