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It is so hard for me to gather the courage to talk about someone I loved so much, Dillon was everything to me. I love him so much I can barely keep the tears out of my eyes even speaking his name but I do so with a smile knowing how perfect he was. I cant remember a happy time in my life in which Dillon and his beautiful family werent present, through my highest highs to my lowest lows he was there for me, I never even had to ask, he knew and acted so quickly and with so much compassion he inspired everyone, even those who had never met him but had only heard the stories. It has been the pleasure of my life to have known Dillon, every single good thing I have to say about myself can be attributed to my relationship with Dillon. He never let me wallow in my self pity when I was down and was always the the first to cut me down to size when I was floating on some air of success. I was to easy for him, I wore my emotions on my sleeve, he expressed his emotions through his writing, I could barely read. We were polar opposites from the day we met…. but I do believe that was what made our relationship so genuine. Dillon always had this sense of a parent like obligation to his friends in which he took passion in helping them. I was

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