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Please leave your comment here Well, It’s February, 2010. My son, Carl, my daughter Malauka and I still talk about and think about Dillon often. He impacted our lives. We cherish and appreciate the time he was in our lives. As Carl and Dillon grew up, Malauka and I watched countless soccer games and basketball games that Carl and Dillon played together in. It was such a joy to see them play, during practices and games together; both empassioned by the camaraderie, the drive, the love for the game and the teamwork that the games entailed. Dillon’s love of life, his inclusivity and ability to make everyone he came in contact with feel important and welcome, his desire to make a difference in this world and his ability to appreciate the moment fully, whatever that moment happened to be, continues to provide daily inspiration to me. Thank you, Dillon and much Love and Light to Harriet, Steve and Taylor. Admin reply: So wonderful to hear from you Unity! I know Taylor just was on facebook with Carl…thank you for keeping Dillon in your thougthts and in your hearts always. Each day goes by and we seem to miss Dillon more and more.

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