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As i reach the end of another day and return home to some of my family, my mind wanders to the rest of my family and how they are all doing. My son Jon is enjoying spring break, my daughter Alexandra anxiously awaits hearing from colleges, my son Josh is on a date, my sister Linda returned from a most enjoyable vacation, my sister Marcia and her family are dealing with the realities of life and growing older, and my sister Harriet and family continue to deal with life on a day by day basis. In truth i guess we all are doing the same. However the rest of us can more readily escape to a place that allows our minds to be filled with thoughts to temporarly remove the pain of the reality and depth of our family’s (and the worlds) loss. I truly cannot not imagine the scope of the emptiness that Harriet, Steve and Taylor continue to experience. This does not in any way diminish the rest of all of our sorrow but is a realty that we all deal with. Each of us in our own way continue to honor, love and miss Dillon on a daily basis. He continues to inspire all who love him and those who are first learning about him. He pushes us all to do more than we might otherwise and to try and fix this world which we all share together. I look forward to sharing happy occasions with all

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