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DIllon is a constant reminder of things good to me. So when I think of him as I often do, with the sadness, I feel a certain joy as well. I wrote a poem on the anniversary of the accident and laminated it and attached to a pale yellow pot filled with white and purple flowers and put it on Sunset near the tree on July 6th, 2008. Incredibly, somebody lifted it because it was gone within a week, before Harriet, Steven and Taylor returned from their trip. I laugh about it because I think that is what Dillon would do. Dillon was # 21 on the club soccer team I managed for 5 years and friends of my sons, Keegan and Devin Dollinger. Here is the poem that was attached to the pot. # 21 I see your hands and your smile And I know hope and dreams live I hear your sincere and caring voice And I know lives can still be saved I touch the shirt your wore And know there will be laughter again I do feel tears and sadness Silently fighting reality saying no, no no. But I smell the summer flowers and remember the joy that you were a living, breathing, sign that we can be better, we can make a difference! Bella Flaherty July 6th 2008

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