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Dillon has always loved children, and had a magical connection with them whether tutoring them or working as a helper for many years at the local pre-school. He watched his family work with abused, abandoned or neglected children and donated a portion of his birthday money to assist funding CASA. Dillon knew he was fortunate to have landed in a place that afforded him all the benefits of a good life and understood his responsibility to give back to those less fortunate. In fact it was his dream to help children without the support of a loving family, and thus his Foundation now joins CASA to create Dillon’s Fund.

Dillon’s Fund

Dillon’s Fund honors Dillon’s love and desire to help children and to support CASA kids who need so much and have so little. The fund provides for a special need that is not available to children in foster care. This may be extra scholarship money for a hard working student who carries two jobs, or a performing art camp for a child who shows talent but has no way to develop it, or perhaps for a new adoptive father who needs additional funds to prepare for his new role as a father by attending parenting classes. Dillon’s Fund is an extension of the CASA philosophy that every child is entitled to a childhood with support from caring adults and an opportunity to succeed.


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