Palisades High School Scholarship


Dillon loved his high school by the sea. Attending this school of 2800 students allowed him to get a powerful educational opportunity, expand his talents in writing, continue to surf, play soccer and make hundreds of wonderful connections with a diverse group of teachers and students. Everyone who met him was able to see his easy going manner, his engaging smile and often funny antics, but also the determination and character that he brought to school with him every day.

The Dillon Henry Foundation Scholarship

In June 2008, (Dillon’s graduating class) the Dillon Henry Foundation awarded it’s first 10 scholarships to deserving seniors for all four years of college. These students remain in communication with the Foundation. We’ve awarded a total of 83 scholarships to date.

The Dillon Henry Foundation has committed to 1 scholarship to a student at Palisades High School beginning May 3rd, 2024, who needs financial assistance and exhibits the desire to make the world a better place. Every year, the foundation hosts a BBQ to welcome new scholars and congratulate graduating scholars. It is our goal to build long lasting relationships with students.

The Dillon Henry Foundation also enabled 26 students and 5 staff from Pali to understand and explore “Council” on a weekend retreat to The Ojai Foundation. The weekend was magical for all those in attendance, and added to the Pali community’s sense of the uniqueness and connection to each other. Hopefully, “Council” will become an integral part of Pali leadership and classroom interactions.


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