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Hi sweetheart. It has been a while since I’ve commented but don’t think I’ve forgotten. Your shirt, obituary, and Zuma Beach Paddle out are right next to my pillow in my dorm. I look at every now and then love telling people about you when they ask what the shirt stands for and who you are. You are still a big part of everyones life though people may not stop by and talk about it. We always think about you and we will always love you and remember you. College, its a really great experience, I know wherever you’d be, it would definitely be near the water so you could surf. I went to the bank one day, my atm and bank is right on westwood blvd in the shopping center where poquito mas is and someone put one of your stickers on the handicapp placard sign things and everytime I go there and walk past it, it makes me smile because I know who you are. Everyone has to no a little piece of you so I hope when people sit there and eat that they look at it and smile like i do. its really special and it makes me happy. forever and always dillon. Class of 2008. We love you. Hope you had the best new years and christmas ever <3

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