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I feel like it has taken me so long to finally write this. Words cannot explain my experience at Ojai. I remember the day they called me down from AP english class. They showed us a video of a retreat and what it would be like. Then they asked us if were interested in going and told us it would be a life changing experience. Of course i didnt believe this. How could anyone change your life over a weekend? When we got to Ojai i didnt know what to think. It was a different environment for me. Growing up a city kid i had NEVER in life experienced life like i did in Ojai. The atmosphere was amazing. I could feel a spirit there that i did not know. Everyday we would embark on a new journey as a group. I’d only known about 4 of the 26 kids that went on the trip that weekend. During each of the councils i would just wait and listen for once in my life to what each person had to say. When the talking piece finally got to me i did not know what to say or even what to feel. I remember sitting under the talking tree each day and having council. How quiet it was and how strongly the wind would blow. For one activity i remember sitting quietly and just listening to the wind. The wind always tells us stories and talks to us. The wind listens to

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