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hi [: well its been one year and it doesn’t get much easier but it isn’t as hard so to speak. we made it through senior year with you watching over, you being remembered, everything we’ve done we’ve included you. You’ve really been an inspiration, you are the person that has caused me to not think so much, just have fun, and embrace the people who come into your life. my summer has been filled with SO many memories, and when I look at pictures of you with friends from camp and from other times in your life, it makes me think of all of the things i should be doing. I’ve met so many people and have gotten closer with so many others. you are an inspiration, and its a shame you aren’t here to be with us and make memories but its great to know you still have an impact on the decisions we all make. keep on keepin on, keep watching over us, help us make the right choices. you’re still here, we all know that. we all love you SO much dillion

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