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Please leave your comment here I am lucky enough to be the parents of Keegan and Devin and Brianna Dollinger and the manager of a boys (now) U-19 club soccer team on which Dillon played for probably 4 years. I am lucky on both counts for many reasons but one of them being that Devin and Keegan’s friendship with Dillon and my position as manager of the team give me the opportunity to come to know the Henry family and Dillon. I am so grateful for that because I believe that while everyone is unique and special in their own ways, some among us shine out as leaders and heroes. Again, not to say that we are all not heroes in our own right, but I mean the kind of person that everyone notices and is drawn to. Dillon was to me that kind of person. Dillon was not only the soul of our soccer team (anyone from the team will remember Dillon leading the cheers before going onto the field and urging his teammates on during a game) but the player probably most aware and concerned about the overall well being of the team. And I realize now, someone filled with wisdom beyond his years. He was also kind, thoughtful and not one to speak ill of anyone. So I was rather surprised when he expressed his view to me that we not take a certain player onto the team because in his opinion the presence of the player

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