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Dear Dillon, It’s still hard to believe that your no longer here, i know how much pain you go through Mr. and Mrs. Henry and i just want to say that im really sorry and i wish this would just be a bad dream, i see how much pain and tear’s my grandma goes through. Dillon’s death caused me alot of pain too, even though i never really got a chance to have a conversation with him it was hard to believe it. I still cry when i remember Dillon, see a picture of him, or when my grandma starts crying and telling us how much pain it causes her.I wish you(Mr. and Mrs. Henry) and everyone that loves Dillon wouldn’t have to go throught this painful tragedy.BUT WHEREVER A BEAUTIFUL SOUL HAS BEEN THERE’S A TRAIL OF BEAUTIFUL MEMEORIES. ALWAYS & FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS DILLON. YOUR ALWAYS GOING TO BE IN MY HEART NO MATTER WHAT DILLON. LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU. love Stephanie.<3

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