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My favorite Dillon memory was at a friends house who had just had a party most of the kids had already left and gone home but Dillon decided the party still wasnt over. Instead he attempted to gather all 12-14 kids that were left at the party and was determined to fit them all in my car to have a photoshoot. Striking ridiculous poses and attempting to get pictures with everyone in the car from everywhich angle (the sunroof, the winsheild, the trunk ect ect.). After the 20 minute photoshoot we all moved to dillons car where he insisted on having a hour long rap session while he beat boxed for us and we all made up ridiculous raps that none of which made sense.We laughed the whole time until none of us could rap any longer because we were all out of breathe from dillons rap about being a player. not only was this my favorite memory with Dillon but one of my favorite memories of my lifetime, his impact on my life was huge and still is. i will always remember him fondly and will miss him forever Rip Dill i love you

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