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Dear Dillon, As I drove down a tree lined street on the way to Denise & Steve’s house tonight, I looked at all the homes: lawns covered with leaves, a crisp chill in the air-the signs of autumn everywhere. Suddenly, this sensation came over me that in so many ways I dread this time of year which should be so special. It comes about this time each year, and I have to work very hard to fight it off. It is the time of year when more than ever, I miss those that I loved so much that are no longer here. They should be here. And now, I am going to be missing you too, and getting used to life without you. It is going to be difficult to go through these family events without you. I hope your mom, dad, and sister know how much we are feeling their loss, and let us share it with them. Each year I hope it won’t be this way, but it that sensation arrived and crept in today. We never know what life has planned for us, but I never expected that you would not be living it to its fullest. Maybe you were….and are. On a more upbeat note, I have been seeing a boy biking to school in the morning, as I drive to school. He lives somewhere on our street and must be in junior high. The resemblance is striking…I swear it is you about five years ago.

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