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Dillon Our last phone conversation was thursday (late afternoon) July 5th. You were going to the Denver airport with your family after vacationing in Colorado. You were so happy and so looking forward to surfing in Nicaragua the next day. When we finished our conversation we did not say good-bye, we both said “I Love You”. I never want to say good-bye to you. You will always be with me. I remember watching silly Jim Carrey movies with you when you were a young boy. Maybe, that’s when you decided to be a guy who makes other people laugh. And as many others have said you always made a special connection with whomever you were with at that moment. You had that trait just like my father, your grandfather. I knew you were a talented and gifted writer and was very proud to learn that writing may have been your chosen field. You lived life to it’s fullest extent and you are a role model to all of us. I am so proud to be related to you and hope I can fulfill some of your dreams through The Dillon Henry Foundation. I miss you very much and hope to see you again someday,someway. Love forever, Aunt Linda

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