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Dear Harriet, i know i have written to you before, and submitted a little thing i wrote about Dillon to both you and Steve, and you probably still dont recognize me by name, but i just have to share the feelings that i feel with you, because i just cant let go, or forget. I read your post which you wrote on Halloween day, and i just wanted to give you a little comfort, and reply to it. I cant imagine the amount of pain you are feeling, but listen Harriet, look at how much Dillon has changed ALL of our lives. THe community is tighter, people are safer, and we have almost come to the point where we can really smile, and be happy when we speak about Dillon, just because he was so a legend, and a hero to us all. It is tragic, it is sad, it is devastating, and many more things, but i want you to listen to what all of Dlill’s friends have to say about him, and think to yourself, and thank yourself for the brilliant, and outstanding person YOU created, and shared with us all. I think about you day and night, and I, myself still cry for dillon almost daily, but I really have tried to promise myself to start being strong, and start looking at how Dillon has affected so many people, and how many great things he has done for us, which will stay with us for the rest

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