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to dillons parents, I was lucky enough to have the oppurtunity to spend a couple of summers with dillon at Skylake, and i just wanted to let you know that i don’t think i have ever heard someone our age talk so highly of his parents. It was amazing to hear about the relationship that you had with him and that is one thing that i always envied of him. because of what i heard from dillon i have gotten closer to my parents and that is something that i will forever be grateful of. I know that dillons death was only a few months ago and it seems for me that when i hear dillons name i still get very sad like i know you do but i justed wanted to share something with you that my uncle shared with me My cousin Josh died in almost an identical incident that happened to dillon about 10 years ago when he was 17 and since i since i was only six i don’t remember a lot about the reaction to his death. However, since dillons death i have asked my other cousins who are about ten years older than i am about everyones reaction and from what i have gathered and the reaction that i felt with dillon and what i heard from my cousins was very similar. everyone who knew Josh was crushed and devastated and couldn’t help but get sad when they heard his name. However, now ten

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