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i only knew dillon for about 2 years. we weren’t all that close till right before summer around the endof may, me and dillon started become a lot closer. once summer started we were together every day. every day i awoke to the sound of dillons voice saying its time to come out and play. i could have never imagined how one of our normal fun nights would end. dillon had a light around him all the time, there wasnt a moment he wasnt smiling. when he would try to frown he would burst out laughing. he always joked around with any situation. dillon was and is the guy everyone wants to be, he wanted to change peoples lives and make the world a better place, and his dream is coming true even though he isnt walking on this earth. it feels unreal living without dillons infectious smile and big head of curly hair but i know he is always with us. knowing dillon he will never leave our side. i love him so much. missng him is the hardest thing to do, but i know he would wantus all to keep smiling through it all. -maddy

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