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This may not be anything big, but it’s something to add on about Dillon. I’ve known Dillon since elementary and he’s been my neighbor ever since. When I found out about this; I was devastated. Although Dillon and I never really chatted much in the past years, somehow; whenever I’d take my walk and go by his house, he’d ask me about my brother and my family. Whenever I’d see him driveby, I’d take a look and he’d give me a wave and his well known famous Dillon Henry smile. Whenever he was or wasn’t in a rush and I happened to walk by, he’d always say Hey, and ask me about everything going on. I miss that, and whenever I walk by, I always expect him to be there, asking me questions or just saying hello. I miss you Dillon, R.I.P. I’ll see you someday, and I’ll update you on my family and everything.

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