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I never realized how much love one person could behold, that is until i met Dillon Henry. Dillon made every experience so much more enjoyable and always looked at the glass half full rather then half empty. He is an inspiration to everyone and enhances the lives of all people just by meeting him and being greeted with that smile, that big beautiful smile he always ALWAYS had on his face. There are so many memories i have with Dillon but my favorite one was at the end of last year. It was a friday night and we had just gone to dinner. After dinner he came and picked me and a few of my friends up. The minute i got in the car i grabbed his I-Pod and saw that he had “rocket in the sky” by benny benassi. I put it on. For the next 4 hours that was the only song allowed to be played in his car. We sung that song so many times and now everytime i hear that song i think of him.I know that he is there, Singing along with me, singing along next to me. When i went to Sweden over the summer i found swedish techno. I sent him a message on facebook telling him about it, his responce “YOU HAVE TO GET ME A TECHNO CD, WELL MEMORIZE ALL THE WORDS TOGETHER MY LITTLE ROCKET”. I wish i was able to say that we memorized all the words. I wish

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