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There is too much to even say, even if I tried to say it all I couldnt. I don’t even know how to begin. I met Dillon in 8th grade at the place everyone went to in 8th grade on a Friday afternoon… Zen Zoo. At the time Dillon was dating one of my best friends, Julia Taft. We began to build such a strong friendship from then on. Not only did we hangout just about every weekend… we were neighbors. Whenever I got home, I’d just call Dillon up and hed meet me half way and we’d either go to my house or his house. If it was late at night, he would just sneak out of the house and skate board over and we’d watch movies, or just hangout. My friendship with dillon wasn’t like a normal friendship that I had with other people. It was special. We never argued. I never really had a strong friendship with a guy, like I did with my girlfriends. But with Dillon it was different. I know I could call him when i was upset, or go to his house when needed. The times I had spent with him were so much fun. Anything.. the beach, going to movies, parties, pulling all nighters! We did just about everything. There are so many different memories that I have with dillon, and not one is bad! Everytime i saw him he made me smile. but just to see his smile was all he

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