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I had the honor of meeting Dillon in Hawaii a few years ago. When I heard the tragic news my reaction was why? I had the honor of coming to the memorial service on the 23rd. Though ther is still no answer to why such a tragedy occured, there is an answer as to how to react. Be inspired, feel the love, feel the greatness. Learn from the messages of this tremendous being. Take him with you wherever you go. Spread his goodness to the world. Be involved with the things he cared about. With that, it will not have been totaly in vain. At the memorial, we all closed our eyes and imagined Dillon surfing in along the setting sun. Keep that vision in your mind’s eye forever. Play it forward. We’ll miss you Dillon but we’ll all take a piece of you with us to make this a place in line with your visions.

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