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It is hard to pick a single moment from all the time I spent with Dillon, but this memory always comes to my mind when I think of him and the memory shows how when you are with Dillon you do things you don’t usually do. One night Dillon and I were at his house and I am not really sure what we did the whole night. I think we spent some time on the computer, we got some food pretty late, but whatever we were doing we stayed up until we were aproaching the sunrise. So Dillon thought we should just stay up a couple hours longer and go surfing before sunrise. A classic idea genearated by Dillon to prolong a night that was going well. And I thought it was a great idea because there was some swell and the water would be glossy for a few hours so we would definitley have a good session. We loaded the car with our surf boards and started driving north up PCH. I remember blasting music feeling a new boost of energy from the excitement of going surfing and the infectious enthusiasm Dillon constantly displays. When we got to the spot we could not even see the waves, so we checked another spot while the sun was rising. We went to County Line which did not look as good as we hoped zeroes would be so we went back to zeroes and at that point it looked spectacular. Dillon and

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