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I remember when I played track and field back in the day with Dillion when he still went to Wildwood. He was racing and he had a hurt toe. Dillon got first or second in the race and went up to all the other players and made sure he said good race. I remember him telling all the kids who he said good race to thathe won even though he had a hurt toe His dad came up to him and said Dillon thats enough. Dillon said sorry and then saw me watching this whole ordeal, he looked up from looking at the ground or his foot and said in a quite voice, “I have a hurt toe.” Than lifted his head up and gave one of those huge dillon smiles. Although his big bushy head of hair made it hard to sea his ears…I still knew it was quite a grin from ear to ear. I miss him but know he is smilind down on all of us. At the beach making the waves better for everyone and blowing a cool breeze for everyone to cuddle in. I love you man, Noah

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