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dillon, not one day goes by that i don’t think of you. whether i am at school, driving, in the shower, or in my dreams, i am always reminded of you and all the beautiful things you have done in the world. i started crying when i saw the photo of the dillion henry hospital in darfur. you were a special kid. the earth is not our home. life on this planet is not our real lives. our true lives, where we live forever and ever come after we leave this earth. i am so jealous that you have moved on to there. sometimes i wish this would be over so i can see what happens next, to see all my friends that have left me here, to see you again. we all think about you every single day. i smiled, i smiled a huge smile when i saw your dad at nick’s funeral on sunday. it felt like you were at nick’s funeral. i am so glad your dad was there. i always see your parents in the palisades village, and i always see you with them. they are so strong, so brave. i admire them. dillon, you have inspired me in so many ways: my writing, my thinking, my views on the world. i’ve grown up alot. i aspire to be more like you. you were loved by everyone you met. i want to have as big an impact as you did. i miss you and love you

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