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It hit me today that next month will be 15 years since I’ve seen you, yet it feels like just yesterday you were here. I still see your smile in so many of my happiest moments, like the angel on my shoulder patting me on the back when I do something you’d be proud of. But also you’re there when I’m at my saddest, always there to pick me up and remind me of the love and beauty there is in this world. You always knew how to see the bright side of any situation and always found time to smell the flowers. I find myself wondering what you’d be doing right now and how this world today desperately could use a big helping of that compassion and optimism you shed on so many of us. I guess I just wanted to post here and say I love you and miss you. Your family is beautiful and continues to do so much good and keep your smile shining over so many people, you’d really be proud. I hope you’re up there having a great time.

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